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Why You Should Join Dominion Prosthetic and Orthotic Purchasing (DPOP)
Free Membership

What's the Catch?

“Just sign up and start saving”.  Sound too good to be true, right?  

We have all been taught nothing worth having or doing is ever free.  DPOP firmly believes this to be true and our services are certainly not free.  We receive an administrative fee from suppliers based on purchases made by our GPO members.

Some GPOs or similar models charge members a fee.  Our philosophy is that the member shouldn’t have to pay for providing suppliers the opportunity to sell to a bigger customer.

Because a GPO works on behalf of a large number of buyers, contracted suppliers save on sales and administrative expenses.  That’s why they are motivated to work with the GPO and provide discounted pricing to members.

Member Agreement

What’s the purpose of signing a GPO Agreement?

No job is complete until the paperwork is done

By law, the GPO / Member relationship doesn’t exist without a written agreement between the parties.  It clarifies the roles and responsibilities of each party to ensure everyone is on the same page.  

It protects the member’s ability to not have to do anything it doesn’t want to do.  Members are free to use or not use any of the GPO contracts, at no cost.  Additionally, members are ensured that any information DPOP receives about their business is never disclosed to anyone for any reason.

The agreement protects DPOP by stating that we do not buy or sell products and aren’t responsible for product performance, warranty, or service issues.

Spend Analysis

Why does DPOP ask for a spend analysis?

The devil is in the details…and so are the savings

Without spend detail, a buyer is unable to quantify and categorize crucial information needed to negotiate the supplier’s best offer.  It takes some work but is well worth doing.  Flying blind isn’t our idea of an effective strategy

Think about it – when a big box store’s top purchasing person is negotiating a contract for stock room supplies for 11,500 stores, he/she knows exactly what each store uses, how much it uses, what it pays, and from whom it buys.

The 80/20 rule says 80% of a company’s spend occurs with 20% of its suppliers.  A spend analysis also helps DPOP identify the group’s major suppliers, ensuring they have an opportunity to participate while providing members choice and flexibility.


What can a Member Expect?

Expect to Save Money

Healthcare GPO members save 13.1% on purchasing costs compared to providers who do not use GPO services

Expect Closer Support

Closer partnership with suppliers to help you provide exceptional care to patients and grow your business.

Expect to Learn

Insightful analytics, benchmark data, and sharing of best practices among members.

Expect to Grow

Ongoing involvement from DPOP to help manage spend, monitor compliance and ensure you are getting the most benefit possible

Your Privacy is of Utmost Importance

Our commitment to transparency, ethical conduct, and assurance that your company’s data is never shared, sold, traded, or disclosed in any way.  We take this commitment very seriously.

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